Chinese Ancestor Painting


A while back, I took a friend of mine out to check out some unrestored antiques. A week or so later he went back to the same peasant vendor and picked up this amazing antique chinese ancestor painting. Its a little hard to see from the photos (apologies – they were snapped with my Palm Pilot) but there are more then ten generations recorded there.  And quote large too. It was rolled up in bundle in the back of the warehouse… 

After much pondering and experimenting he decided to have it mounted into the wall in his living room behind a sheet of glass. This was quite a challenge as much of it, especially the sides (which were hidden by folding them back) are in pretty bad condition. Some sections has completely disintegrated where the paint used in later generations to touch up certain areas has eaten through the fabric completely. Its really one of the best examples I have seen so far…

We picked one up ourselves but its not nearly as stunning as that one. (below)Chinese ancestor portrait


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