Guide to Chinese Furniture – Part 3) Fakes & Replications


New, handcrafted pieces using natural materials (May use older or aged materials). Produced in a
workshop or “cottage industry” environment and based on actual antiques with extra effort put into
each piece for it to be made to look unique. Like antiques items can be very similar though no two will
be exactly alike. Pieces will possess little to no real wear/tear except “faked” wear/tear

  1. KNOWLEDGE: Requires a basic historical understanding of periods, regions, and styles as
    well local handcraft construction techniques.
  2. OPTIONS: Very similar to antiques in that there are no options, only generalized choices
    following patterns, motifs, periods and styles.
  3. ORDERING: Pieces are often created in villages (cottage industry) and purchasing (not
    ordering) is typically through a middleman (distributor) often from the same town/village/area.
  4. SUPPLY/PRICING: Available in larger quantities then antiques and supply can remain
    constant as long as the regional techniques are passed on and continued. Price can remain
    semi-constant is usually negotiated on a per piece basis in limited quantities.

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