Guide to Chinese Furniture – Part 6) Custom Built

Custom made and bespoke chinese antique reproduction furniture



Custom items are “one of a kind” items built to spec in limited, often one off quantities. Custom items sometimes may be used as a template to make more – thus known as a SAMPLE or PROTOTYPE.

  1. KNOWLEDGE: Requires extensive understanding of design, testing, materials, quality, construction techniques and factories
  2. OPTIONS: Options are extremely flexible which both complicates the process significantly and simultaneously is the core advantage.
  3. ORDERING: A standardized but time consuming process requiring careful selection and evaluation of materials, and construction/finishing techniques. A research and design phase is usually necessary and quoting must occur before ordering.
  4. SUPPLY/PRICING: Cost is often high due to limited or limited or no economies of scale/reuse potential, indirect costs and the additional required attention to the product.
  5. TYPES: Samples, a part of the research and design process and may be used as a template for additional items. Also, “custom” which is a single one off item.

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