Chinese wardrobe with erotica paintings on the front.


Chinese wedding cabinet

I came across this in 2005 and have not seen anything like it again ever since.  At best, the painting has been retouched and at worst, the finish was completely new. The cabinet itself looks old though. Regardless, it would have made a great conversation piece in my living room….


While everyone knows India has had the “Kama Sutra,” did you know China has had erotic art and literature for quite some time now and famous Chinese erotic classics include The Carnal Prayer Mat and The Golden Lotus.

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  1. […] while back, I had a posting about a Antique Chinese red wardrobe with gold erotica paintings on the front.  Which got be thinking, so I did a bit of poking around on Google and dug up some interesting […]

  2. We recently sold a pair of mid 18th century Chinese Cabinets on Stand with erotic panels. Two more from the same workshop exist at the Chateau de Beloeil in Belgium; they are believed to have been made for Marie Antionette.

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