Integrating Tibetan furniture into the home

Tibetan FurnitureChinese furniture is becoming more and more popular, surely about 50% of the decorated homes have an item one or the other Asian style. Before the 90’s Asian furniture used in western interiors was often of a abstract, cold, zen style. Mono-colored cabinets, without any curls. Often plain red or black lacquered. But in the past 10 years there has been a change, and the ‘new’ antique styles became ;more popular. It is a trend in general that since the start of the millennium fashion became less sober, minimalism is over it’s top. Now, colors, ornate carvings, flower scenes, … became possible again.

Mongolian and Tibetan styles are the newest fashion. It are items where colors are very vivid and contrasting. At first glance people often are shocked by the used of yellow with green and red, saying that could never integrate into their classic living room. But that is a false idea. Instead, it will apart from adding color, life and variety to your room. Placed correctly they can be an anchor between 2 places with different color and style.

Interior designers and stylists can again use their skill for combining the right colors. The picture here shows a perfect integration of a Tibetan antique sideboard with strong contrasting colors into a classic country style western dining room. The piece is not screaming out for attention, but subtly adds movement to the space.

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