Are Asian design influences here to stay?


asian style interior design

Landfair Furniture has an interesting blog which seems to cater specifically to topics of interest to interior designers. As interior designers tend to drive the market I would assume looking to them for clues as to whats “up and coming” would be a good idea. Which is why I think its interesting they have an article discussing a long-standing trend towards oriental as one of the five primary design styles employed by interior designers:

“In the world of design, Asian or Oriental style has long cast a spell over the Western world with its air of elegant exoticism and mystery. Always in fashion, this design tour de force sometimes wanes in the interior scene, only to spike in popularity yet again as the season’s newest trend. Whatever the current status, this centuries-old theme continues to captivate in settings from classic to contemporary.”

The article then goes on to highlight and illustrate (with specific time frames and examples) the dynamic yet, steady stream of dips and peaks in the popularity of oriental looks. And though at times, while this look appears to drops off it seems its only temporary and always reemerges shortly after in fresh new variations. A good brief article, well worth the quick read. And if correct, a solid affirmation for anyone carrying Asian furniture and accessories in their store.

The full post is here.

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