Some fun examples of Chinese Erotica…


Chinese erotica artworks

A while back, I had a posting about a Antique Chinese red wardrobe with gold erotica paintings on the front.   Which got be thinking, so I did a bit of poking around on Google and dug up some interesting links on the subject of Chinese erotic art and culture.

Chinese Erotic Art

“Rooted in Antiquity – the first known examples of Chinese Erotic Art and texts date back over two thousand years – erotic art is an integral part of China’s cultural heritage. Erotic art reached its apogee concurrently with the rise of the rich mercantile cities of southern China from the 10th century on, when Suchow, Hangchow, and Quangchow were among the most sophisticated places in the world. Its heyday was in the late Ming period (1368-1644), a time when artists signed their works without fear of reprisal from the censors, and government policy promoted the development of art and science. The paintings and drawings were made under the pretext of providing instruction for shy or inexperienced young people. Sure not shy after seeing this example!”

Portrait of a Chinese Paradise

chinese erotica menage-e-trois porcelain John Byron is a sinologist (China Expert) who has authored several books ranging from biographies (The Claws of the Dragon) to detective novels (The China Lovers) to a book about Chinese erotica (Portrait of a Chinese Paradise). But heck, we could care less about this!

What we like is his great collection of  Chinese erotica art!

“Therapeutic Love Posture for the Concentration of Sperm”

 Believe it or not, that’s the name of this painting! Fine with me!


Nostalgic Asian Erotica

This blog has a mixture of Japanese and Chinese erotica examples (all pretty cool, if I might say myself). For examples check out this one from Japan (1823-26) ” Clockwise from upper-left: double penetration, aerial sex, lesbianism in the hot springs, sex on stilts, and finally a dildo-tree.”

Worth taking a look…. The Mongolian Pony Ride looks interesting!

chinese erotica painting on porcelain

Erotica on Chinese Porcelain (From Gotheborg)

“It is interesting that you noted the small feet. The bound feet was considered utterly exciting and the smell of these bound feet was especially appreciated by the real connoisseurs.  On export pieces this kind of decoration was copied from European erotic prints, presumed French, but I believe the English was into this kind of art too. “

Read the rest here

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