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A while back in our post “Are Asian design influences here to stay?” we were discussing the longevity and staying power of Asian Design Influences and Asian Decorating Style. I must say, that when poking around in the interior designer blog community this really seems to be the case. Asian style furniture is really here to stay and as the world continues to become a melting pot due to the internet and global travel I think this will become even more so. Today I stumbled upon another excellent Interior Design Blog by Los Angeles-based celebrity designer, Mark Cutler who has a good post on the “ Asian-inspired” look. Some of the looks are difficult unless you are on the west coast or in say, New York but nevertheless its great stuff.

Buddha bedside lamps from house beautiful


I absolutely love the Buddha bedside lamps with the black edges on the shade. I think its a perfect example of the “zen look.” Very contemporary! Asian, but yet not too Chinese – this look seems to work in a modern home without any trouble whatsoever. Seems the ceramic garden stools are another hot item that keeps popping up. Take a moment and have a look at the rest of Mark’s blog for a few other good examples of whats “hot.”

A few more items coming up on the radar recently:

Fu Dogs are still popular…

Katie, over at “katiedid: diary of a design devotee” has an interesting post on Fudogs and their recent popularity…

Foo Dog

Check it out along with the rest of her post here

Scroll Tables are in too…

Chinese scroll tables

If you haven’t figured this one out then you must be blind. Scroll Tables are low, they are curvy and they just plain neat. And apparently timeless classics which can can go modern to antique to European. They fit with almost anything. Katie over at Girl Meets Glamour puts its just right:

“Hi my name is Kate and I’m addicted to any furniture with a scroll! Doesn’t matter the shape, size, color, I just love them. It’s been a problem for a while now, but I’ve just started to seek help. “

Check out her posting Come scroll with me… for some great examples of what people are doing in the home with scroll tables. She also has an article on Chinese “Chippendale” chairs which I find interesting…


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    Do you sell oriental inspired work from the
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