Collecting & Buying Antique Chinese Rose-medallion Porcelain

Here’s a nice post on another blog that I happened to stumble upon today:

Rose Medallion Porcelain – An Antique Chinese Import

Chinese Rose-medallion Porcelain

Very informative overview of how to recognize and collect 19th and 20th century rose-medallion china. While not necessarily Chinese porcelain, he also has a nice explanation of what Flow Blue China is.

Another site with some amazing images of Chinese Porcelain is Guest & Grey, a website that specializes in Antique Chinese Porcelain & Japanese Porcelain. Some of the images are just stunning. Rich turquoise vases, ox-blood bowls and beautiful blue and white ginger jars.

Antique Chinese Porcelain & Japanese Porcelain


Finally, this is not per say a site about porcelain but nevertheless the story here is absolutely fascinating. The author talks about her collection of Chinese pottery excavated from Chinese gold miner settlements from the 1850’ies during the California gold rush.



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  1. Nice collection of antique pottery, The Chinese Antiques are famous around the world.

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