Hot Seller: Porcelain Garden Stools, everyone loves them!


Porcelain garden stools continue to remain extremely popular. They seem to add a nice touch to either the living room or the garden which makes them quite versatile. And there is quite a lot of variety in styles. Which may explain why they are selling so well out on the web. They were even featured in Elle Decor. There is also quite a lot of buzz on the design blogs on this topic as well including one amusing post entitled Are we over garden stools ? on a witty blog which describes itself as porn for decor addicts (love it!). On commenter on the post has the following to say about garden stools:

Garden stools are like bentwood dining chairs, Oriental rugs, tansu chests, club chairs, those plain swing-arm lamps Billy Baldwin loved, and large mirrors over fireplaces. They can be abused, and they can go through phases of being overly much in one’s face — but they’re never truly OUT.

A common question amongst buyers is how to distinguish between the various offerings out there on different websites. Stools break down into three categories:

  •  Antique/Vintage
  • Hand made (new)
  • Mass produced (New)


  • The ACF China stools (see pictures below) fall into this category. These tend to show some minor wear and tear. They are often heavier well as a bit more ornate with more attention to detail. Its not uncommon for them to have a bit of a washed out quality to them. Obviously these are the more expensive of the three kinds.


Hand made

Mass produced

  • Style court’s colorful Juicy Decor fall into this category. Less expensive then Vintage or hand-made, thats not to say they do not make excellent additions to any space as points out about the ones she saw at the Mondrian Scottsdale . I love the manner in which Style court, describes her local shops as selling “Ceramic garden stools, above, come in luscious mouth-watering colors. “Juicy Decor,” she calls it…



chinese porcelain stools

garden stools



Then there is coco cozy’s rundown on garden stools as well as anther great rundown on Apartment Therapy. So the next question is, where can you buy them? Here’s a brief rundown:

If you are importer, shop, wholesaler or retailer:

a0008405.jpg a0008404.jpg

If you are an individual buyer looking for your home:

teal garden stoolchinese porcelain garden stool

  • Gumps is selling Jade Green Openwork Square Garden Stools (which we carry also). They have Black Garden Stools as well. If you want to try some of these out,in fact they come in a rage of colors with silver, gold and white also being quite popular at the moment.


Black porcelain garden stool




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