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  1. […] Trend Guide: Rustic furniture made from reclaimed elm and other … … some pieces when I was reminded how much reclaimed, recycled and/or renewable materials are definitely a … sources introduce lines with reclaimed wood. … […]

  2. […] around on Flickr again and noticed just how many great photos of old doors there ( along with a few good ideas on how to use them, including for […]

  3. Nice pictures. Furniture items shown in the post are reminding me of the traditional old days furniture I used to see in my house during my childhood. It still looks great.

  4. I love the effect that reclaimed wood has on a piece of furniture. It can really set off a room. I don’t know why old, battered looking furniture is more attractive than brand new, shiny pieces, but they do add something extra to a home.

  5. I certainly agree that reclaimed furniture can look great in the right environment but for me its modern design every time.

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