Integrating Asian style furnishings: Practical ideas from real homes.

Any furniture retailer will tell you that, many times the “end all be all” for retail buyers will be just how the item integrates into their home space. Sure, comfort, durability and quality are all top consumer preferences but overall dimensions, depth and height along with usability all have a lot to do with furniture-buying preferences as well. According to High Point Market industry reports, “Foremost, you must understand that the typical furniture buyer is a she, not a he.” Which means “she” is probably not going to spend time attempting to fit a round peg into a square hole (Unlike “he” who will either just hammer it in, or pull out the tools and change the dimensions of the hole).

Chinese antiques

Sometimes though even the most experienced sales people need some extra help. So what better place the photo sharing site Flickr to see just how real people are integrating items into their homes then on. Unlike glossy magazines like Better Homes and Gardens or ELLE DECOR these homes are real.


There is a article by Jim Green in the furniture industry publication Furniture Today entitled “Knowing Too Much” which touches briefly on this subject.

” A nightstand is a small piece of furniture, with or without doors and drawers, normally placed beside the head of a bed. It provides a surface to set a lamp or place a glass of water, a book, or pair of reading glasses. BUT…a nightstand might not be a nightstand at all. It may, in fact, be a chairside commode. It also may be a telephone table or a stand for a small 20” TV set.

Sometimes showing a piece in a unique way, suggesting a purpose for which it wasn’t originally intended, may give a customer an idea of how to use it at home. Transferring the piece to the clearance area is certainly easier, but in the end, it may sit for quite a while and ultimately be sold for much less.”

Chinese furniture

So with that said, the following are real examples (take from Flickr) from real photos of peoples homes.


Chinese cabinet

chinese red table


Chinese chair

Chinese Lacquer Cabinet

This item was in a store… and they were considering purchase…


London Castle Cottage Feb 08 023

A great blend of European and Oriental style


red chinese stool

Stools make easy plant stands…

Dining room

One of my favorite ideas for a rustic farm table.

perkinson 041

If you have more examples, please feel free to send them.

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