Old wooden doors

Quick follow up, on a prior post about antique doors and antique door furniture. Was pokin around on Flickr again and noticed just how many great photos of old doors there ( along with a few good ideas on how to use them, including for sculpture).

TH Grandcondo Entrance

Chinese DoorFile0036File0046Old Chinese DoorDried flowers hanging on a Chinese doorTH Grandcondo Approach

Old Chinese doorChinese Doortraditional Chinese door posterFile0046File0036147_4777_1Door with chinese door protection

little china, myrtleford - chinese door, detail

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  1. DD says:

    Many people would say doors such as these with such a heavy look and sturdy appearance would not be “welcoming.” My sentiment is that these doors are intriguing in their own right. Solid, unique, tasteful and stately.

    Nothing says welcome to me the same way as a gigantic antique door swinging open. Awesome examples.

  2. Ronnie says:

    I have beautiful chinese doors similar to the ones pictured (two doors that open at the middle). Can you tell me how I might find out what they are worth.

    Thank you.

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