Fun and funky distressed finishes to brighten up any room

In this recent gloomy economic climate, it would be nice to add a bit of color and I though sharing some of the neat distressed finishes we have been working on, might brighten up the days a bit.

chinese crackle finish chinese lacquer

distressed french sideboard

 The hand rubber, distressed finish sky blue hutch adds some pleasantness to the room and may even pass as French Provincial, as does the lemon flavored traditional Chinese stool with a worn down finish for that “clean but aged look.”

 chinese wooden stool

Lacquer colors like Popsicle, Cherry Candy, Green Apple and Salty Licorice bring more to mind then just plain old furniture.

s6002529.JPG chinese ming lacquer

French country – Chinese country – whatever it is, its pretty cool. These pieces were on their way to new homes.


colonial end tables

 french country farm table

Even darker browns and “plain ol” black and white take on a new life with a bit of hand rubbing to add character.

chinese lacquer finish distressed finish

 The effect shows just nicely on this unusually shaped Chinese bookcase.


So? Why not brighten up your own rooms?

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    Your blog is outstanding! I’m amazed by your knowledge and love your sense of style!

    I’m going to Ningbo in a few weeks and I have no idea where to begin. If you could share a warehouse or two that sells decent quality reproductions, I’d appreciate it very much.

    Many thanks,

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