Hot Seller: Chinese paper and silk wire lanterns

chinese paper lantern

Chinese wire lanterns seem to do well. In checking over our web analytics, I noticed we get quite a lot of hits for wire lanterns. Regular incoming request and price checks for them, confirm this is indeed the case. Whats not to like about them? They are cute, colorful, inexpensive and in addition to being functional, they make great impulse buys for any shop.

There also seems to be demand for them (hint hint retailers) as is evident by this blog post, as well as this one.

chinese lanterns

Graham and Green does a very nice job in displaying these wire lanterns

The larger ones  range from 60 to 80 centimeters high while the smaller ones are as small as just 20 cm high.

Chinese silk lantern

wire latern

chinese lantern from shandong

chinese paper lantern

red chinese lantern

By the way, for a fascinating look at how some of the lanterns are made have a read of

Big Uncle, The Lantern Maker.



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  1. Alice jara says:

    Hello, I emailed you guys before and I lost contact, will you sell the chinese lanterns to an individual not a company and in the U.S. I love these and want the large ones. Depending on the price I would like to buy about three or so.

  2. Alice jara says:

    Help sent an email not sure how i got back to this area

  3. Heather Hughes says:

    where it is possible to buy these chinese wire lanterns?

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