Whoops! TV show assistant smashes 2,500-year-old Chinese bronze mirror

Here is one that seemed to miss me, despite having even been picked up by wired magazine. Ever get nervous watching people handle priceless porcelain or works of art? Worried they might drop it? Well how about this one (Anyone have the video of this?).


TV show assistant smashes 2,500-year-old bronze mirror

2007-01-17 03:30:10 Xinhua English

BEIJING, Jan. 17 (Xinhua) — A Chinese television show audience watched dumbstruck as a presenter’s assistant accidentally smashed a 2,500-year-old bronze mirror.

The mirror, dating back to the Warring States Period (475-221 B.C.), was being held up for display on a China Central Television programme, when it fell from its wooden casket.

chinese bronze mirrorThe programme, shot on Jan. 14, was to select “ten most valuable treasures” from China’s private collections.

The accident left the audience and crew silent and stunned until experts rushed on to the stage to pick up the pieces.

The mirror’s owner, renowned antique collector Chen Fengjiu, said the CD-sized mirror was the only one of its kind and other collectors had offered 1 million U.S. dollars to buy it.

The program’s producer has promised to invite leading antique experts to repair the brittle mirror, but there have been no published offers of compensation.

Experts said the mirror, which was gilded and inlaid with 11 turquoise stones, demonstrated the craftsmanship of the Warring States Period and was of great value.

Ouch! The Chinese media was a lot less kind in their descriptions:

  • “Miss manners live demonstrations of a complete ancient bronze mirrors “
  • “Miss fumbled smashed ancient ceremonial bronze mirrors.”

For those curious, here is more in depth article from the Chinese media…

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  1. DD says:

    How many years of bad luck does this equate to?

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  3. Art says:

    That’s awful! Poor clumsy girl: I hope they don’t take it out of her salary!

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