Shanghai Trade Show: Antique Furniture China 2009


art & antiques trade show in shanghai

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Showdates May 15-18,2009
  Venue Shanghai Exhibition Center No.1000 Yan`an Road (Middle)Shanghai P.R.China
Approved by : Shanghai Foreign Economic Relation & Trade Commission
Shanghai Cultural Administration Committee
  Organizer Shanghai Antique Dealers Association
Shanghai Real Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
  Sponsors: Shanghai Collection Association
Zhejiang Collection Association
Shanghai Zhongfu Curio Center
Shanghai Yunzhou Curio Center
Shanghai Friendship Department Store
ShenZhen Curio Center
Shanghai Curio & Artworks Almanac Edition Commission
“Art & Collection “(Magazine)
  Exhibits Range:
All kinds of Asia antiques & fine Arts,, Western antiques & fine Arts, lacquers, jade, porcelain, silverware, jewelry, clocks, oil-painting, carpets, stone carvings, western furniture, traditional tea & tea culture wares, snuff pots, copper carvings, Tanka, figure of Buddha, embroideryename

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