Where can I find detailed information on Chinese porcelain, pottery and ceramics?

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Where can I find more detailed information on Chinese porcelain, pottery and ceramics?

Chinese porcelain, Oriental ceramics and Japanese porcelain and pottery are all unique entire subjects of their own and it would be impossible to cover even just a fraction of the material available here today. Rather then attempt to do so, I will suggest a few quality resources,

The website of Koh Antique in Singapore, has one of the most comprehensive sources of information on Chinese porcelain and ceramics, all meticulously described and cataloged in an easy to read format.

This is the most comprehensive source of information on Qianjiang porcelain on the internet.  Besides giving a brief history, more than 350 pieces of Qianjiang porcelains have been cataloged.   The pieces are displayed based on chronological order and also by artist.  

Topics covered, range from “Symbolism on Chinese Ceramics,” to more specific information on time periods and individual styles such as Ming Blue and white, Celadon waresQingbai, Shufu, Ding and Cizhou wares. Particularly useful is his dictionary of Chinese symbolism and motifs used in ceramics.

Symbolism on Chinese Ceramics

 Also invaluable for anyone wanting to understand the progression of styles between the various periods, is their Chart (available here) showing the development over time of the different Chinese porcelain types.

The other site most commonly cited on this topic is Gotheborg in Sweden, run by Jan-Erik Nilsson. The “Marks on Chinese Porcelain” page is probably the first stop for anyone trying to identify a piece.

gotheborg chinese porcelain

The other two really major resources here are the “Antique Chinese and Japanese Pottery and Porcelain Discussion Board” and the links list which is very, very extensive.

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