Working with a freight forwarder specializing in furniture packing and shipping

furniture packing-shipping and export

If you are in an antiques, furniture, or any other import related business, then the packing and shipping of your goods will be a crucial logistical detail which should not easily be overlooked. Since many buyers are unable to maintain a permanent office in China, and surely not individual buyers purchasing for their homes, they logically often turn to third-party packing agents to fill this void. Yet, packing and crating can determine if your item arrives without a scratch or rather in several pieces. Ocean Shipping might be a short direct hop across seas or turn out to be a  long delayed drawn out journey through canals and via detours. And even short term warehousing might mean either brief storage or long term loss of your product in someone else’s warehouse.

“A main issue, is with customers understanding of these providers scope of business (and their capabilities) – with the most common misconception being that these companies will take responsibility for getting your products picked up, packed and shipped out in good condition”

A read on ACF’s China’s furniture industry blog of the post entitled, “Using a consolidator for international shipping, freight, packing and inspection of antique furniture” talks at length about what to expect, what to look out for.

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