Insiders Guide to Chinese Antiques: A new workshop at the Beijing Hutong School

chinese antiques appreciation workshop

Classes at the Hutong in Beijing, ChinaWhen people hear the word “antiques,” they often relate it to something their grandmother might enjoy – in other words old-world – musty – boring! Which is why we will be starting a new course on Chinese antiques at The Beijing Hutong School. We want to be able to share some of the rich textures, colors and wonderful materials which we come across in our daily quest for the the cool, the unusual, the unique and the beautiful.

Insiders Guide to
Chinese Antique Furniture

Chinese antiques workshop class

From finding and restoring antique furniture to collecting and integrating into your home. An informal, non-stuffy and hands-on, insiders look at the world of Chinese antique furniture. Some of the topics we will cover will include:

  1. Intro to Periods and styles including regional styles
  2. Field trips to un-restored antique furniture market to see where antiques are collected from
  3. Construction, repairing, restoring and joinery
  4. Lacquers and finishes
  5. Woods and materials from stone to rare woods to brass hardware.
  6. Collecting and buying.
  7. Fakes and authenticating
  8. Field trip to furniture factory


For more information on these workshops including class dates and times, costs and how to reserve your spot, please visit The Hutong website directly at:

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