ISB Talk – Making Your Move Go Smoothly – Roger Schwendeman explains what antiques can and cannot be take away from China

(The following is a brief talk given at the International School of Beijing)

Making Your Move Go Smoothly

April 15th, 2009

This was a morning full of useful information for parents who may be moving this year or in the future. Our 6 speakers covered a wide variety of topics and had a wealth of information to share with the audience.

The speakers were:

  1. Caroline Audet, who talked about the paperwork trail for leaving ISB and what is required by your new school. For more information please contact:
  2. Erin McCloskey who talked about the ISB Alumni Association and the benefits of staying in touch. Any student who has attended ISB for one semester or more is welcome to join. For more information please contact:
  3. Dr Tony Beck who gave a lot of useful information about how we can move our pets with us. See the attached pdf[pdf, 94KB] For more information please contact:
  4. Dr Robert Blinn, UFH, talked and demonstrated about how we can manage stress whether it is from repatriation, or life in general! The key to managing the stress felt by our children is by starting to manage our own. See the attached pdf[pdf, 52KB] For more information please contact:
  5. Roger Schwendeman helped to explain what antiques we could and could not take away from China with us. See the attached pdf [pdf, 477KB] For more information please contact: roger (at)
  6. Wilson Fan and Kay Kutt from Asian Tigers gave a full summary of all that is involved in physically moving your family out of Beijing. See attached pdf[pdf, 872KB] For more information please contact:

All our speakers have kindly offered to help with any questions you may have to do with your move.

Marjorie Renner, Peggy Shaw and myself Ingrid Duffy would like to thank you for your support of the Guest Speaker Series this year. Our enjoyable year has come to an end and we have new co-ordinators, Tricia Jin and Tamera Fillinger ready to start in May 2009. Watch the live calendar and PTA Newsletter for more information.

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