GERMANY-FAKE Terra Cotta Warrior

GERMANY-FAKE Terra Cotta Warrior

Visitors look at a life-size terracotta warrior at the exhibition “Power in Death – The Terracotta Army of the First Emperor of China”, at the Museum of Ethnology in Hamburg December 11, 2007. Police are investigating whether the German museum’s exhibit of ancient Chinese terracotta warriors was faked. The exhibit will remain open — with a sign stating its authenticity is disputed — until a panel of Chinese experts arrive to review the figures later this week, a spokeswoman said. Chinese officials from Xi’an, home of the 2,000-year-old clay funerary army, told German media they were not aware of original figures on loan in Germany. The museum is offering refunds to about 10,000 people who have visited the display of eight clay warrior figures, two horses and 60 smaller objects since it opened on November 25.
REUTERS/Christian Charisius (GERMANY)

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