A new twist on classic Ming style horse-shoe chairs – introducing the stainless steel Chinese yoke back chair!

Chinese officials hat chair
Chinese acrylic yoke back armchair from Green T. House in Beijing
Chinese red acrylic yoke back armchair from Green T. House in Beijing

I was reading over at Beijing Notebook about these translucent acrylic Chinese horseshoe chairs she saw at the Green T. House in Beijing. With clean and classic Ming style lines, these round backed chairs are a very updated idea on an extremely old concept. Very neat idea – probably not particularly easy to manufacture.

Sometimes, one needs a break from antiques

While admittedly cool, I think these polished stainless steel Chinese officials hat chairs made for Chine Gallery are equally as funky. Known in Chinese as Guān mào yǐ (官帽椅) the name likely comes from the sculpted back which resembles a winged official’s hat.

Chinese officials hat chair
An extremly designer-esque stainless steel officials hat chair.

And with first hand-experience, I can tell you these yoke back chairs are also not very easy to make! (trust me  I have done QC on them and a lot of hand crafting goes into each and every single one. No mass made here thank you very much! Same with these sleek stainless steel  Chinese low back arm chairs known in Chinese as a “Fúshǒu yǐ” (扶手椅).

A very modern set of Chinese low back arm chairs in stainless steel.
A very modern set of Chinese low back arm chairs in stainless steel.

Reminds me a bit of last years Dynasty Revival exhibit at Lane Crawford. For more interesting contemporary takes on Chinese furniture by contemporary designers try the book  Inspired by China: Contemporary Furnituremakers Explore Chinese Traditions

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  1. Is this really comfortable when you use it??I think it will not be…

  2. some really nice examples of Chinese styled chairs, i second what the last post put, they look nice but are they comfy to sit on? might need a cushion

  3. The classic styling of these chairs is truly wonderful, not only are they elegant in their simplicity, but the are exceptionally functional as well. Classic style that will never go out of style.

    R. Yates
    Asian Antiquities

  4. mitch16 says:

    Awesome! I think this one is so much great than previously.

  5. Where can we purchase 2? What do they cost?

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