Classic Chinese style + contemporary stainless steel = design perfection

designer contemporary_asian_style_stainless_steel_chairs_chrome

We all love antiques, but I  must admit, I see so many of them (obviously much more the average Joe). So once in a while, its refreshing to come across something completely new – even if it is with an old twist.

Chinese designer stainless_steel_tapered_cabinet

And this is why recently, I have really enjoying crafting these chrome-hybrid creations from stainless steel for some of our more stylish customers. Both trendy yet elegant, these are classical Chinese furniture designs reproduced in contemporary materials.


Encompassing elements of both past and present, the designs prove to be timeless, even when replicated in modern contemporary stainless steel. Eventually these will be “tomorrows antiques.” That’s the way I prefer to think of it anyway.

designer contemporary_asian_style_stainless_steel_chairs_chrome

And while the materials may have been updated for today’s world, much like antiques, design proportions, details and craftsmanship are crucial elements. However, this is easier said then done. I have seen some poorly designed, ill proportioned cheap looking stainless steel furniture. Minimal attention to detail, wrong proportions, shoddy workmanship. Done wrong= cheap furniture. Done right  = art.

Chic designer made hand worked stainless steel furniture

And that’s  why I am amazed each time I walk through the metal workshop, fascinated at how sheets of dull metal, evolve into such antique modern classics.  This is workmanship at its finest, requiring the utmost skill and precision. From the raw materials being cut, bent, shaped and welded to the hand polishing and minor finishing touches. The end result? Stunning perfection. From traditional compound cabinets to chairs to buffets, these antiques of tomorrow make a statement!

Asian style designer stainless steel chrome furniture


Please note these designs as well as others are available to qualified overseas wholesales, designers (as well as individual buyers in with local delivery to Hong Kong and/or China).

For ordering terms, minimums and other details please inquire here or via email at roger  at


oriental polished chrome cabinet with glass contemporary chinese tapered noodle cabinet in stainless steel chinese stainless steel designer chair
chinese polished chrome designer chair chinese round backed stainless steel chair chinese designer glass and stainless steel cabinet
antique chinese officials hat chair in stainless steel antique chinese_contemporary_stainless_steel_sideboard buffet antique chinese compound cabinet wardrobe
stainless steel aluminum coffee cocktail table padded stainless steel dining arm chair

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  1. Gino says:

    Please email me your email address so I can send
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  2. Gino says:

    Please email me your email address so I can send
    You the picture of the items I’m looking for
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