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Roger Schwendeman

Chinese antiques specialist

Roger Schwendeman, hails from an unusual hybrid background, encapsulating formal studies in drawing and painting to a career in the Information Technologies business. He has lived and worked in such diverse environments as New York, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpor, Warsaw and Bangkok. In Asia full time since 1997, Roger has a comprehensive perspective on the region and its culture, enabling him along the way to gain critical insights into the many different business practices, societies, and cultures needed to function effectively in this international arena.

Upon arriving in China in the later part of the 90ies, his passion for Interior design, Asian decor and antique furniture, led him to eventually abandon the business of computers for a full time adventure in Chinese culture. Leaving the tech scene behind where things change by the minute, today Roger works along side local artisans and craftsmen, in a place where 50 years is still considered “new.”

Presently he manages the ACF China Co., where he works with importers, collectors, dealers and enthusiasts around the globe, to find, restore and export antique to homes where they will be loved and appreciated. Throughout his travels, he has personally handled thousands of antique furniture pieces, from researching to buying to restoring to collecting and has first hand knowledge of where to source and authenticate first-quality product.

Roger is both a native English speaker, as well as Mandarin Chinese.


About This Blog:

The specialists guide to Chinese antiques

Throughout my travels, I have me so many fascinating people. People who enable me to learn about and to handle beautiful objects. From the carpenters and restorers who spend their lives huddled over hundreds (and even thousands of antiques), to the extraordinarily knowledgeable specialists who are better sources of information then any book one might buy. It is a rare honor indeed and I genuinely consider myself lucky.

This blog stems from the desire to share this wealth of information with any who might share in this passion for Chinese antiques. I have chosen to do so online, as while there are excellent books one can buy and even more diverse web resources in Chinese language, I find there is little quality information in English on the internet. Most pages are reprints of the same articles(especially when it comes to Chinese antique furniture). So by publishing what I have learned as I learn it, I hope to add at least one additional quality source of information.

The blog is not intended to be commercial in nature. And while there are links to the main site, and even sale posts from time to time, the focus here is on knowledge rather then commerce. At some I intend to spin this off onto a separate site so as to further reinforce the message that we are here for knowledge and appreciate on Chinese Antiques. I also welcome guest posts and input from anyone interested in the topic at hand or who wants to share what they have learned – be they scholars, amateur collectors or professional dealers.

I also express my thanks to those who have forwarded this site to others or linked to it so that others may be enjoy it as much as I have.