• Fakes and Copies
  • Jiboazhai: China’s fake antiques museum

    Chinese museum forced to close after discovery its 40,000 piece collection of 'ancient relics' are fake

    Fakes are nothing new in China. From fake Apple stores & fake Ikea stores to fake rice made from plastic and even fake cities, almost everyday there is something new in China that is being faked, including & especially antiques. So it’s no surprise that there are also museums which are filled with fakes as well. China’s Jiboazhai Museum […]

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  • Chinese art and antiques news round up

    China Daily 04/03/2012 page1

    I recently stumbled across a Chinese antiques themed scraper site, aggregating headlines related obviously to Chinese art and antiques. For those of you who are not savvy in the lingo of the web, “scraper sites” are basically spam sites which glean all of their content off of the web and repost it in its entirety […]

  • antique auctions
  • Qianlong vase initially valued at $1300 sets record price of $69 million at auction

    Its been happening so frequently that these headlines are almost starting to become old news. Still, it does make you want to go poking around in your grandmothers attic… Neglected Family Vase Sets 66 million Record for Chinese Art at Auction Apparently the  18th-century  Qianlong-era porcelain vase was discovered while cleaning out a modest London […]

  • Furniture Industry
  • Antique, reproduction & solid wood furniture industry trends & outlook for 2010-2011

    Chat with any “old school buyer” of Chinese antiques about the late eighties/early nineties and stories of 200 RMB rosewood tables and Ming dynasty porcelain for a few hundred RMB will bubble quickly to the surface. In recent times, this period might be considered the modern birth of the industry, with western buyers in Hong […]

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  • Chinese buyer who refused to pay for looted bronzes weeps as he realizes that his credibility is shot.

    Without saying if I agree or disagree, here are two interesting articles which I picked up off the Museum Security Network website (though one was originally from Bloomberg) regarding last years controversial auction of  a bronze heads of a rat and a rabbit looted from  Beijing’s Summer Palace  in 1860 .  Interesting perspectives – one […]