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  • Smuggled out just 4 years ago, a rare Tang Dynasty sarcophagus returns to China

    No wonder customs is so difficult when it comes to exporting antique stone these days….. The return of a smuggled Tang Dynasty (AD 618 – 907) sarcophagus from the United States to China may serve as a good example for international collaboration to curb the rampant pillaging and smuggling of treasures, researchers have said. The […]

  • Laws and regulations
  • Guide to relic inspection certificates, customs documents and export requirements for antiques

    “If I purchase a genuine antique while in China, will I be able to export it back to my home country?”   The short answer is only if it is A) made after 1911 and more importantly B) not classified as Cultural property. According to the official Chinese law on the Protection of Cultural Relics, […]

  • Laws and regulations
  • Law of the People’s Republic of China on Protection of Cultural Relics

    Ever wondered what the Chinese is concerning exporting antiques? Look no further! Here is a copy of it: Law of the People’s Republic of China on Protection of Cultural Relics (Order of the President No.76) Chapter II Immovable Cultural Relics Chapter III Archaeological Excavations

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  • Smuggling fuels worldwide trade in Chinese antiquities

    Here is an excerpt from an interesting article I found on yahoo about Hong Kong’s Hollywood road: “On Hollywood Road, Hong Kong’s famed strip of art and antique outlets, the shopfronts provide a veritable tour of Chinese and Asian history, selling everything from Tibetan temple carpets and centuries-old Chinese wedding cabinets to giant Cambodian and […]