• Antique Restorations
  • Guide to antique doors and antique door panels.

    I was in the warehouse just a few days ago, looking over a batch of antique door panels which just came in and it really reminded me just how cool some of these pieces are, especially the iron hardware, the various textures, and the overall character and charm of these bits of history. In the […]

  • Antique Reproductions
  • Trend Guide: Rustic furniture made from reclaimed elm and other salvaged woods

    I was in the warehouse the other day looking over some pieces when I was reminded how much reclaimed, recycled and/or renewable materials are definitely a growing trend. A quick Google turns up a range of articles from Reclaimed furniture: Give trees a chance to buzz on various designer blogs. Even Furniture Industry trade publications […]

  • Chinese Furniture
  • Comparing apples to oranges – more on determining quality in Chinese antique furniture

    Photos of these two cabinets have been floating around on our file server for quite a while and I have been meaning to put them up here as another excellent example of differences in quality between Chinese antique workshops and restoration as well as in Chinese Country Antique Furniture in general. These are both essentially […]

  • Furniture Design & Construction
  • Hand carved Vs. CNC woodworking

    Last week we went to an exhibition of new classic Chinese furniture. There were not only factories of furniture, but also those selling frightening robot-like CNC machines… It made me wonder if hand labor is even in threat of becoming abundant even here, even in this workmanship, even in art …