• Cool Finds/Rare Items
  • Reduced prices – Sale of gorgeous antique walnut alter tables, armoire, benches from Gansu province.

    One of ACF’s local “inside suppliers”  wishes to liquidate his existing stock of restored antique walnut furniture from Gansu at reduced prices, as he is now dealing only in un-restored antiques. As an “inside supplier” this restorer does not normally sell directly to overseas customers and instead local furniture factories buy from him to then […]

  • Asian Home Furnishings
  • Tibetan painted furniture: Dinning table made from an old door.

    We have a fair amount of Tibetan painted furniture, though most of it is not genuine Tibetan antique furniture (despite what many claim). Most are either new or vintage, though we do sometimes find real antiques. In general, it tends to be a bit too bright and colorful for my tastes, though nevertheless, Tibetan furniture […]

  • Home decor & accessories
  • Hot Seller: Chinese paper and silk wire lanterns

    Chinese wire lanterns seem to do well. In checking over our web analytics, I noticed we get quite a lot of hits for wire lanterns. Regular incoming request and price checks for them, confirm this is indeed the case. Whats not to like about them? They are cute, colorful, inexpensive and in addition to being […]

  • Antique Reproductions
  • Fun and funky distressed finishes to brighten up any room

    In this recent gloomy economic climate, it would be nice to add a bit of color and I though sharing some of the neat distressed finishes we have been working on, might brighten up the days a bit.  The hand rubber, distressed finish sky blue hutch adds some pleasantness to the room and may even […]

  • Asian Home Furnishings
  • Integrating Asian style furnishings: Practical ideas from real homes.

    Any furniture retailer will tell you that, many times the “end all be all” for retail buyers will be just how the item integrates into their home space. Sure, comfort, durability and quality are all top consumer preferences but overall dimensions, depth and height along with usability all have a lot to do with furniture-buying […]

  • Asian Home Furnishings
  • Whitewashed, bleached and lime finishes are all the rage in furniture

    Recently we discussed the popularity of furniture constructed from salvaged materials like this reclaimed elm wood dining table and therefore it should be no surprise that the according to House Beautiful, the whitewashed look along with lightened wood, bleached finishes and limed finishes are growing just as much in popularity as well whether in Asian […]