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  • The great leap forward- a disaster for Chinese antique furniture

    China history great leap forward

    (The following is a few slides from one my classes on Chinese Antiques. Sooner or later I hope to post all the slides here along with videos.)   A Bit of Background The Great Leap Forward was a socialist mass movement designed to harness China’s enormous peasant labor force in order to rapidly transform China from an […]

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  • New Course: learn about collecting Chinese antiques, ceramics, Tibetan art, textiles and chinese furniture.

    This fall of 2011, Roger Schwendeman and Chris Buckley, both specialists in China Antiques, will be conducting a unique series of classes on Chinese Antiques. These sessions are intended to provide pointers for negotiating the maze/minefield that is the Beijing antique market and for finding genuine items of good quality. The first sessions begin on Friday 23rd September 2011 starting with antique furniture related topics.

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  • Hunting for treasures in Beijing’s Antique furniture markets

    This past weekend, ACF China and  The Hutong organized a field trip for local expats here in Beijing to visit an genuine outdoor wholesale antique market, where peasants from the countryside bring un-restored antique furniture and other curios to sell to wholesalers, collectors and restorers. The trip proved a success, allowing attendees a fascinating peek […]

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  • Beijing Field trip: Outdoor Wholesale Chinese Antique Market Tour

    ACF China and the The Hutong will be co-organizing a field trip this Saturday morning to visit a outdoor wholesale market where peasants from the countryside bring antique furniture to sell to wholesalers, specialists and restorers. This is an extremely rare opportunity to see where antique furniture comes from and what it looks like in […]