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  • A new twist on classic Ming style horse-shoe chairs – introducing the stainless steel Chinese yoke back chair!

    Chinese officials hat chair

    Admittedly cool, I think these polished stainless steel Chinese officials hat chairs from Chine Gallery are equally as funky. Known in Chinese as Guān mào yǐ (官帽椅) the name likely comes from the sculpted back which resembles a winged official’s hat.

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  • Asian designs through western eyes – a look at vintage and contemporary asian inspired furniture designs

    Having spent so much time focusing on Chinese antiques, its refreshing to pull back a moment and look a contemporary twists on antique styles. And there is no better place then 1stdibs. And since I have had this post sitting in my “drafts” for quite a while, and suddenly wondered “why is this not published?” – […]

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  • Integrating Asian style furnishings: Practical ideas from real homes.

    Any furniture retailer will tell you that, many times the “end all be all” for retail buyers will be just how the item integrates into their home space. Sure, comfort, durability and quality are all top consumer preferences but overall dimensions, depth and height along with usability all have a lot to do with furniture-buying […]

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  • More on Asian-inspired interior design…

    A while back in our post “Are Asian design influences here to stay?” we were discussing the longevity and staying power of Asian Design Influences and Asian Decorating Style. I must say, that when poking around in the interior designer blog community this really seems to be the case. Asian style furniture is really here […]

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  • What Chinese Style Furniture is hot this year?

    There is a great little blog apartmenttherapy.com which covers New York, San Francisco, Chicago & New York. Its really less of a blog, and rather more of a series of columns written and posted by interior designers. We love the look of antiques or imports mixed with more modern furniture. One piece that almost always […]