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  • Where can I find good books on Chinese wood carvings and architectural elements?

    I get a ton of emails each week asking where to find more information on various antiques related topics. Recently there have been an unusual number of emails asking for information on wood carvings in particular. Here is one from this week: “I have a wooden architectural carving that was a mantle for a gate. It […]

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  • Chinese Woodworking: books and resources from around the web


    Chinese Woodworking: Stock Preparation This is a nice overview of materials preparation that was posted in the forums at Fine Woodworking. “In some way it is lucky that we met Liu Shifu at the end of his career: early in his career a Chinese Shifu will hardly ever allow outsiders to watch them work, not […]

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  • Books about collecting Tibetan Antiques and Tibetan furniture

    People frequently ask me for recommendation on good books to learn about Chinese and Tibetan Antiques. Here are a few from my own collection along with some additional suggestions. Tibetan Furniture by Chris Buckley Despite the author being a good friend of mine, and despite the fact that there really doesn’t seem to be too […]

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  • Treasure Hunt: City Weekend goes in search of Beijing’s genuine antiques

    Original article published in City Weekend Magazine March 16th, 2009 By Thomas Talhelm Fully Furnished Of all the different types of antiques, furniture has one of the quickest learning curves in the art of spotting fakes, making it a great choice for beginners. Buying furniture also entails less risk, since pieces can still make great […]