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  • thermoluminescence testing for porcelain, ceramics and bronzes

    Another super quick post but a link worth including here: http://www.oxfordauthentication.com/ One thing to be aware of is that thermoluminescence testing works only with fired items, in other words items like porcelain, earthenware or bronze. If you don’t know what thermoluminescence testing is have a quick read of the snippet below from their website: Thermoluminescence […]

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  • Where can I find detailed information on Chinese porcelain, pottery and ceramics?

    (This is a section from a previous post which I think is worth separating out here, since I am asked this question quite a lot). Where can I find more detailed information on Chinese porcelain, pottery and ceramics? Chinese porcelain, Oriental ceramics and Japanese porcelain and pottery are all unique entire subjects of their own […]

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  • With this Chinese noodle cabinet-scholar cabinet, appearances can be deceiving!

    A customer recently sent me these photos of a Chinese Noodle cabinet which they purchased from an estate auction. Their inquiry was pertaining to its age, value and authenticity. In other words, a quick antique appraisal. The question of course was the one I am asked most frequently which was “Is it old and is […]

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  • Collecting & Buying Antique Chinese Rose-medallion Porcelain

    Here’s a nice post on another blog that I happened to stumble upon today: Rose Medallion Porcelain – An Antique Chinese Import Very informative overview of how to recognize and collect 19th and 20th century rose-medallion china. While not necessarily Chinese porcelain, he also has a nice explanation of what Flow Blue China is.

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  • Rosewood Antique Bench – value

    Recently we have installed a live-chat function, and we start to meet a lot of interesting people through that. There was this man who possesses an antique bench from China, a masterpiece. He would like to know the value of it. Sounds like : “the antiques road show” on BBC television! (where people bring their […]

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  • A Chinese twist on the popular TV show Antiques Roadshow.”

    There is a great show on on BTV (Beijing TV) called “Collection” which I happened to stumble upon late one evening while flipping though the Chinese channels. Normally I avoid the Chinese channels like the plague since about 90% of the time they are eiter a) boring b) lame c) boring and d) lame and […]