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  • The rise and fall of Hong Kong’s Hollywood road – Part 1 of 3: The Rise

FROM 1840 TO 1843,

    Hong Kong’s famous “antique street” Hollywood Road, was completed in 1844 and was the 2nd road to be built in Hong Kong, after Queens Road Central. These were the very earliest days of the colony, and its role as gateway to the east was only just starting to become established. At that time, Hollywood Road was quite close to the coastline (significantly more so than today, due to reclamation of the harbor) and its near proximity to the shoreline, meant the area was never short of foreign merchants and sailors on their way back to Europe.

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  • Beijing antique market selections – Antique collectors picks – Part 1

    After last weeks visit to the Beijing un-restored  antiques market, several people had asked me for specific recommendations on “which pieces I would buy and why would I buy them.” I will break this list down into three categories and discuss each in a three part post. Collectors level: These are often investment worthy classical […]

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  • Traditional chinese houses – from the countryside into the city (with million dollar profits too)

    traditional chinese homes resold - banner

      Very interesting article in the China daily talking about the resale market for Ming and Qing dynasty Chinese traditional homes which are disassembled, transported, repaired and then resold to restaurants, clubs or wealthy collectors.  Now this is an interesting topic which I could easily get lost in as it just touches on so many interesting elements from Hui […]

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  • Buying exotic hardwoods in Beijing: A visit to the Dong Ba Timber Market

    The Chinese have always prized hardwoods for their dense grain, durability and rich color. But with Beijing being located in the north of China, one must wonder where all those tropical hardwoods being made into classical Chinese furniture today come from? Well, in most cases the answer is the Dong Ba Timber Market or “Dōngbà  […]