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  • The great leap forward- a disaster for Chinese antique furniture

    China history great leap forward

    (The following is a few slides from one my classes on Chinese Antiques. Sooner or later I hope to post all the slides here along with videos.)   A Bit of Background The Great Leap Forward was a socialist mass movement designed to harness China’s enormous peasant labor force in order to rapidly transform China from an […]

  • chinese furniture hardware
  • How to Age Brass – Ultimate Guide

    For anyone who really is looking to have more control over the complete look of a piece, here is an excellent article by Architectural Classics entitled How to Age Brass – Ultimate Guide. Definitely worth a look if you are interested in the specific process. The link is: http://www.architecturalclassics.com/blog/how-to-age-brass/ There is also a few good […]