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  • Bespoke Chinese style reproduction furniture – from concept to reality in seven simple (or not so simple) steps

    chinese custom made bespoke furniture design

    Its always interesting to see the progression from idea to reality. When people come to me with raw ideas, my task is to walk them through process from the initial concept to final product. Usually that’ means helping them determine on the specific requirements, narrowing down the details and deciding on the “overall look and feel” […]

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  • Chinese Woodworking: books and resources from around the web


    Chinese Woodworking: Stock Preparation This is a nice overview of materials preparation that was posted in the forums at Fine Woodworking. “In some way it is lucky that we met Liu Shifu at the end of his career: early in his career a Chinese Shifu will hardly ever allow outsiders to watch them work, not […]

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  • How to avoid cracking and splitting in Chinese solid wood furniture

      “Is that a crack?” About once a week, I am asked this question. Some of the times, its about furniture which has been purchased elsewhere. Other times its about our own furniture. It might have been custom made or simply the customer purchased it from from a moving sale.  Some pieces might have traveled […]

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  • How to find 3d models of Chinese furniture.

    Here’s a somewhat arcane post, yet one that’s incredibly useful for anyone who is either an interior designer, furniture designer or even just someone redecorating their home with one of the many 3d programs like Google sketchup. Which brings me to the topic of this post: where to find 3d models of Chinese furniture   […]

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  • Excellent diagrams on chinese joinery and chinese furniture construction.

    This diagram from an article on the Woodworkers Institute website shows how traditional Chinese joinery works There is a great article on the Woodworkers Institute website which I stumbled upon quite randomly. I was actually researching some information on construction techniques for making dining room extension tables, when “lo and behold” I came across this […]

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  • Dutch designer Maarten Baas in Shanghai: Interesting twists on Chinese traditional furniture designs

    I stumbled upon this rather amusing post on designaddict.com which talks about Maarten Baas‘s, recent Jully 2008 exhibition at Contrasts gallery in Shanghai. While participating in Contrasts’ residency program, which brings Western artists to China to study local artistic and cultural practices, Baas became fascinated with traditional Chinese woodcarving; this exhibition is dominated by the […]