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  • How to avoid cracking and splitting in Chinese solid wood furniture

      “Is that a crack?” About once a week, I am asked this question. Some of the times, its about furniture which has been purchased elsewhere. Other times its about our own furniture. It might have been custom made or simply the customer purchased it from from a moving sale.  Some pieces might have traveled […]

  • Business in China
  • Buying from China – The customer is NOT always right.

    You want white – they want black – and with a lot of pulling and tugging hopefully you’ll get gray. But is it really that simple? Does it really all boil down to just communication issues? Sometimes the buyer is just as much at fault for this situation as is the seller.

  • Fakes and Copies
  • Guide to buying Chinese Antiques on eBay

    The Brutal Truth about Buying Chinese Antiques on eBay This is a great little guide from an ebay seller who goes by the screen name of  loveshackbaybee. Its fairly comprehensive and worth a reprint here. Well written, very candid and overall good advice for the masses looking to pick up that “authentic Qing Dynasty vase […]

  • Antique Restorations
  • Furniture Repairs: Improper restoration causes this “Old Shanghai” table-top to buckle and split

    old shanghai table to be repaired

    (Click images to enlarge)  Question: A reputable local beijing based antique Chinese furniture dealer sold us this nice Chinese table. It cracked a few months after getting it.  He has his own shop to produce furniture as well as sell antiques. I am sending you 3 photos, 1 of each side of the table, and […]

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  • Comparing apples to oranges – more on determining quality in Chinese antique furniture

    Photos of these two cabinets have been floating around on our file server for quite a while and I have been meaning to put them up here as another excellent example of differences in quality between Chinese antique workshops and restoration as well as in Chinese Country Antique Furniture in general. These are both essentially […]

  • antique appraisals
  • Determining quality in antique furniture (What is Quality?)

    A few interesting examples and baselines which can be used when making an assessment of quality. You will need to click each photo to see the enlarged verion and associated comments. Poor to low quality This piece speaks for itself. Particularly evident is fitting which uses the lowest quality of materials.