• Fakes and Copies
  • Detecting Fake Chinese Porcelain & Ceramics

    I am always a fan of people who dig into a subject, taking the time to take photos, make illustrations and simply dig in to the nitty-gritty details. People often forget that it takes time to take the time to share their own thoughts and insights on topics they are passionate about. So I was […]

  • Symbolism, Patterns & Motifs
  • The ultimate comprehensive english/Chinese dictionary of chinese furniture vocabulary and terms

    I have seen this list floating around on the internet (though I have no idea where it originally came from). Though some terms are region-specific, its nevertheless very comprehensive with over 450 different terms. Chinese Pinyin English 朵云双螭纹 duǒ yún shuāng chī wén Cloud surrounded by confronting dragons motif. In order to make it a […]

  • Antique Restorations
  • A to Z: Restoring chinese wood carvings, wooden screens and carved architectural elements.

    3) Retouch color

    When a Chinese traditional homes is demolished  to make way for the new, elements like antique window screens, carved panels & screens and other architectural elements are typically salvaged to be reborn as decorative items in modern homes. Thinking about adding such a piece of history to your collection?  Here’s a quick look at the […]

  • Fakes and Copies
  • Guide to buying Chinese Antiques on eBay

    The Brutal Truth about Buying Chinese Antiques on eBay This is a great little guide from an ebay seller who goes by the screen name of  loveshackbaybee. Its fairly comprehensive and worth a reprint here. Well written, very candid and overall good advice for the masses looking to pick up that “authentic Qing Dynasty vase […]

  • Laws and regulations
  • Guide to relic inspection certificates, customs documents and export requirements for antiques

    “If I purchase a genuine antique while in China, will I be able to export it back to my home country?”   The short answer is only if it is A) made after 1911 and more importantly B) not classified as Cultural property. According to the official Chinese law on the Protection of Cultural Relics, […]

  • The specialists guide to:
  • Basic guide to recognizing Tibetan antique furniture – Part 1

    “Tibetan” style furniture is a phrase used loosely and frequently items made just yesterday are placed side by side with items 50 or 80 years old. Of course, all are claimed to be real “Tibetan Furniture.” So when it comes to so called Tibetan” items, its important to know just what is is that you […]