• Furniture Design & Construction
  • How to avoid cracking and splitting in Chinese solid wood furniture

      “Is that a crack?” About once a week, I am asked this question. Some of the times, its about furniture which has been purchased elsewhere. Other times its about our own furniture. It might have been custom made or simply the customer purchased it from from a moving sale.  Some pieces might have traveled […]

  • Antique Markets
  • Buying exotic hardwoods in Beijing: A visit to the Dong Ba Timber Market

    The Chinese have always prized hardwoods for their dense grain, durability and rich color. But with Beijing being located in the north of China, one must wonder where all those tropical hardwoods being made into classical Chinese furniture today come from? Well, in most cases the answer is the Dong Ba Timber Market or “Dōngbà  […]

  • Antique Restorations
  • Restoring a Chinese mahjong table with a bit of pyrotechnics!

    Furniture restoration: Chinese mahjong table

    I get so backed up with blog posts, because there is so many interesting and fascinating things to see and talk about. And being detailed oriented, I really want to spend the time to talk about each item in detail, the history behind it, where it comes from and all the other details that make […]

  • Chinese Furniture
  • Woods used in making chinese furniture: Teak wood (you mu)

    Teak wood (yóu mù 柚 木) Click here to listen to Chinese Latin: Tectona grandis (IE true teak). African name: Baikiaea Plurijuga (Rhodesian Teak) Other trade names: Burma teak, Rangoon teak, moulmein teak, gia thi, jati sak, kyun, mai sak and rosawa. African teak wood trees and lumber Teakwood is an average hardness wood from […]

  • Antique Reproductions
  • Trend Guide: Rustic furniture made from reclaimed elm and other salvaged woods

    I was in the warehouse the other day looking over some pieces when I was reminded how much reclaimed, recycled and/or renewable materials are definitely a growing trend. A quick Google turns up a range of articles from Reclaimed furniture: Give trees a chance to buzz on various designer blogs. Even Furniture Industry trade publications […]