• Fakes and Copies
  • Germany’s fake terracotta warriors – seems even the museums get duped sometimes

    GERMANY-FAKE Terra Cotta Warrior

    Somehow I missed this one (which dates all the way back to 2007).  While I have to admit its a bit cynical to say it, I find this absolutely hilarious (on so many levels, I can’t even begin to touch on all of them).  From rampant piracy in China, to its historical context concerning fakes […]

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  • Whoops! TV show assistant smashes 2,500-year-old Chinese bronze mirror

    Here is one that seemed to miss me, despite having even been picked up by wired magazine. Ever get nervous watching people handle priceless porcelain or works of art? Worried they might drop it? Well how about this one (Anyone have the video of this?). TV show assistant smashes 2,500-year-old bronze mirror 2007-01-17 03:30:10 Xinhua […]

  • Design
  • Dutch designer Maarten Baas in Shanghai: Interesting twists on Chinese traditional furniture designs

    I stumbled upon this rather amusing post on designaddict.com which talks about Maarten Baas‘s, recent Jully 2008 exhibition at Contrasts gallery in Shanghai. While participating in Contrasts’ residency program, which brings Western artists to China to study local artistic and cultural practices, Baas became fascinated with traditional Chinese woodcarving; this exhibition is dominated by the […]

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  • Can’t afford real Chinese antiques? Then buy virtual ones instead.

    A while back I know the SIMS game was amazingly popular. This is the game where you control the lives of virtual characters from making conversation to making love. People take virtual vacations, get married – you name it! Heard it was extraordinarily addictive, so I skipped over it (Actually was already addicted a few […]

  • Chinese Culture
  • Some fun examples of Chinese Erotica…


    A while back, I had a posting about a Antique Chinese red wardrobe with gold erotica paintings on the front.   Which got be thinking, so I did a bit of poking around on Google and dug up some interesting links on the subject of Chinese erotic art and culture. ​ Chinese Erotic Art “Rooted in Antiquity […]

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  • A Chinese twist on the popular TV show Antiques Roadshow.”

    There is a great show on on BTV (Beijing TV) called “Collection” which I happened to stumble upon late one evening while flipping though the Chinese channels. Normally I avoid the Chinese channels like the plague since about 90% of the time they are eiter a) boring b) lame c) boring and d) lame and […]