• Chinese History
  • Burn, loot and pillage! Destruction of antiques during China’s Cultural Revolution.

    damage antiques during china cultural revolution-strip

      Being out on the web, I get so many emails from people asking for help identifying pieces, woods, etc. I would love to be able to reply to them all, but its just not possible (hey – anyone want to pay me for this? ūüėČ ) But this particular one which came in a […]

  • antique auctions
  • Qianlong vase initially valued at $1300 sets record price of $69 million at auction

    Its been happening so frequently that these headlines are almost starting to become old news. Still, it does make you want to go poking around in your grandmothers attic… Neglected Family Vase Sets 66 million Record for Chinese Art at Auction Apparently the¬† 18th-century¬† Qianlong-era porcelain vase was discovered while cleaning out a modest London […]

  • antique appraisals
  • Woman finds out her father’s jade collection is worth over a million USD.

    18th-Century Qianlong Jade Collection from Qing Dynasty Appraised Value: $710,000 – $1,070,000 Watch the appraisal video here on the Antiques Roadshow website. Or even better, watch this interview with the owner in North Carolina. GUEST: My father was in China two different times– I think in the late ’30s and sometime during the ’40s, with […]

  • Cloisonne
  • Some quick info on Cloisonn√© enamelware and where it comes from.

    Cloisonné is a form of enamelware that began in Beijing

    ¬† Nice little article here which explains what Cloisonn√© is, (Cloisonn√© is a form of enamelware) which a surprising number of people are unfamiliar with. Another article on the The Antique Marks Blog entitled “Antique Cloisonne Ware – Collectible? Popular? Profitable?” also gives a bit of the history associate with Chinese cloisonne and also Russian […]