• Home decor & accessories
  • Hot Seller: Chinese Calligraphy Brushes

     Chinese horse hair calligraphy brushes seem to be a hot seller recently. Actually, they have been doing well for quite some time now. We get quite a number of requests for them, particularly from smaller shops, boutiques and designers. They make great accessory items which fit with a range of decorating styles – and depending […]

  • Porcelain, Ceramics & Blanc-de-chine
  • Art of Asia: Ceramics – Innovations in Clay

    There are some good youtube posting on porcelain and ceramics, starting out with this interesting eight minute long academic video overview of the history of Asian ceramics put out by the “Minneapolis Institute of Arts.“ “Ceramic production in Asia dates back many thousands of years. The Chinese have always been regarded as the undisputed masters […]

  • antique appraisals
  • A Chinese twist on the popular TV show Antiques Roadshow.”

    There is a great show on on BTV (Beijing TV) called “Collection” which I happened to stumble upon late one evening while flipping though the Chinese channels. Normally I avoid the Chinese channels like the plague since about 90% of the time they are eiter a) boring b) lame c) boring and d) lame and […]

  • Business in China
  • Brits Get Rich In China! A humorous look at business in China.

    A documentary charting the exploits of three British entrepreneurs as they try to make their millions in Chin

    “Hilarious. Absolutely Brilliant. And a dead-on accurate depiction of what REALLY occurs in China.” As China develops (well, some parts of China anyways) and Starbucks Coffee keeps putting up more coffee shops (Did you know there are already 55 in Beijing alone?), its easy to forget what really lays just beneath the surface. For all […]