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  • The 47,000 USD dollar tooth brush holder – Chinese porcelain brush pot in owners bathroom sells at auction for staggering sum.

    Here’s a great tidbit from the Dailyrecord:  China pot which owner used as toothbrush holder sells for £30k at auction. Quick – everyone run into their bathrooms right now to see what you got in there! I have a pristine tube of Crest toothpaste which I have been holding onto for years – definitely going […]

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  • China Coal City’s Tycoons Splurge on Antiques as Dealers Swoop

    These days there is a TON of news articles about the art market and China’s insatiable demand for Chinese artworks and antiques. Did I mention there was a ton of these articles recently? Regardless, this is one of the more interesting ones… June 26 (Bloomberg) — Few people gave Zhao Xin a second look when […]