• Fakes and Copies
  • Do you know what you are selling? Because your customer might not.

    I am noticing a trend where just about “everyone and anyone” is now selling so called “Chinese antique furniture” (or some variation of this) and misrepresenting it as any number of different things. Items made just yesterday (antique reproductions) are falsely labeled as genuine antiques and the real antiques are often completely misclassified. I recently […]

  • Antique Reproductions
  • Guide to Chinese Furniture – Part 2) “Converted” antiques

      CONVERTED Converted items are both antique & reproduction at the same time. Because of this the materials and/or construction should possess a very slight degree of wear/tear due to age/use. The main overall design of a converted piece may remain the same or similar but heavy modifications are made including structural, finishes etc KNOWLEDGE: […]

  • Chinese Furniture
  • Guide to Chinese Furniture – Part 1) What is considered an antique?

    ANTIQUE Antique pieces are aged and usually must meet a minimum age before being considered an antique – generally 50 years or more. Should possess some degree of wear/tear due to time/age and use. Each piece is unusual and unique. KNOWLEDGE: Requires a comprehensive historical understanding of periods, regions, and styles as well local handcraft […]