• Fakes and Copies
  • Do you know what you are selling? Because your customer might not.

    I am noticing a trend where just about “everyone and anyone” is now selling so called “Chinese antique furniture” (or some variation of this) and misrepresenting it as any number of different things. Items made just yesterday (antique reproductions) are falsely labeled as genuine antiques and the real antiques are often completely misclassified. I recently […]

  • Antique Reproductions
  • Guide to Chinese Furniture – Part 4) New Reproductions

    REPRODUCTION New items which employ natural materials and handcrafted construction techniques often in use for many generations. Generally occurs in a workshop environment with mostly hand tools and limited use of modern machinery. Designs are based on traditional deigns modified slightly according to the times. Items can be very similar but no two are exactly […]