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  • Dirt, dirt and more dirt – cleaning a late Ming table via wet sand as part of the antique restoration process

    restoring chinese antiques - wet sanding

    Recently we restored a late Ming dynasty square table from Shanxi province. Beautiful table and I thought it might be interesting to show the images of the cleaning process occurs which primarily involves a careful wet sand. Known in Chinese as 打水磨, its a unavoidable part of any antique restoration. What a nasty mess! Removing about […]

  • Antique Restorations
  • Buying unrestored: Custom antique restorations means usability

    One of the best things about controlling your own restorations is the ability to decide what the final result will look like. This end result can sometimes be as important as the original because the “customer’s customer” is going to be thinking about where and how the piece will fit into their home. Often a […]