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  • Beijing antique market selections – Antique collectors picks – Part 1

    After last weeks visit to the Beijing un-restored  antiques market, several people had asked me for specific recommendations on “which pieces I would buy and why would I buy them.” I will break this list down into three categories and discuss each in a three part post. Collectors level: These are often investment worthy classical […]

  • Cool Finds/Rare Items
  • Beautiful colors still remain on this brightly painted fo kan family shrine from Gansu used for ancestor worship

    Antique Chinese fo kan family shrine from Gansu

    Known as “fó kān” (佛龛) in Chinese these are shrines of worship – essentially a family temple. In ancient times, Fo Kan were dug from rock much like niches or grottos. Later stone, wood and other materials were used. Eventually Fo Kan began taking on architectural characteristics, modeling houses, official buildings and even palaces. This particular one is quite impressive and its owner would likely have had some level of material wealth.

  • Antique Markets
  • Antique Shopping in Beijing, China

    Another youtube find, apparently from someone (Tricia Wang) shopping in the various “antique” markets (notice the quotes) here in Beijing. Highly doubt there are many antiques to be found here but still… its a lot of fun and a great cultural experience. Love the music overlay…. If the embeded version does not play, try this […]