• Antique Markets
  • Hunting for treasures in Beijing’s Antique furniture markets

    This past weekend, ACF China and  The Hutong organized a field trip for local expats here in Beijing to visit an genuine outdoor wholesale antique market, where peasants from the countryside bring un-restored antique furniture and other curios to sell to wholesalers, collectors and restorers. The trip proved a success, allowing attendees a fascinating peek […]

  • Classes & Courses
  • Insiders Guide to Chinese Antiques: A new workshop at the Beijing Hutong School

    When people hear the word “antiques,” they often relate it to something their grandmother might enjoy – in other words old-world – musty – boring! Which is why we will be starting a new course on Chinese antiques at The Beijing Hutong School. We want to be able to share some of the rich textures, […]