• Business in China
  • Little white lies in business relationships (or how to have a headache in 60 seconds or less)


    Something I found extraordinarily annoying, really hard to stomach, and terribly counter productive, is the tendency for some Chinese partners and suppliers to blurt out what ones knows is definitely a lie, rather then simply state the facts and subsequently determine what to do about them.

  • Business in China
  • Brits Get Rich In China! A humorous look at business in China.

    A documentary charting the exploits of three British entrepreneurs as they try to make their millions in Chin

    “Hilarious. Absolutely Brilliant. And a dead-on accurate depiction of what REALLY occurs in China.” As China develops (well, some parts of China anyways) and Starbucks Coffee keeps putting up more coffee shops (Did you know there are already 55 in Beijing alone?), its easy to forget what really lays just beneath the surface. For all […]