• Porcelain, Ceramics & Blanc-de-chine
  • A “Laowai” from ancient times: A closer look at a Han dynasty bearded foreign groom

    Han dynasty tomb figurine

    Laowai (老外) is a common Chinese word often heard by any foreigner in China. Literally translated as “old foreigner” we often hear it all to many times. Yet, it seems foreign devils in China are not recent occurrences, judging by this foreign gentleman, who is a bearded Xianbei – Xiongnu guardian (or more likely a groom) based on […]

  • Chairs, benches and stools
  • What is it? A Chinese wooden barbers stool from days past

    I just came across this fascinating lecture by John Lawson Stoddard who was an American writer and lecturer who traveled the world in the mid to late 1800’s and gained popularity through his travel writings. In series 13 of his lectures upon visiting Canton, he describes the role of a Chinese barber and includes a […]

  • Cool Finds/Rare Items
  • Cool Finds: A look at some 2000 year old, Han Dynasty earthenwares

    Note: All images are clickable. During our treks and travels, we come across all sorts of rare, unusual and interesting things. Like this 300 year old temple table we stumbled across this past summer. Or this Chinese ancestor painting which eventually wound up permanently wall-mounted in a friends living room. But this cache of Han Dynasty […]

  • Fakes and Copies
  • Costly mistake, costly fake: Billionaire killed at home while making a fake antique

    This from the China Daily / China.org recently: The chairman of a major pharmaceutical company and his employee died in an explosion caused by a “chemical experiment gone wrong” at the businessman’s residential villa. Police found an instruction book of ozonizer as well as fragments of oxygen cylinders on the fourth floor, suggesting a chemical […]